What is Git Version Control System? Why do we need to use it?

What is Git?
Git is an open-source version control system.
What is Version Control System ?
Version control systems allow us to develop a project with a team. It includes an old versions of project so you can compare your changes with old codes.

Let’s think we are developing a project.

When we developing project we are making a lot of changes for features and some of the feature doesn’t work as we want. If we want to revert our changes we may come across a lot of problems.

Here we need Version Control Sytem.

Note: Even working with a simple docs document we may come across this problem.

Bad Practice:

As you can see above storing like this, not a good view. also you may use a lot of space like this which is unnecessary.

Local Version Control System:

Git Local Version Control System

Version control system hold our changes and allow us to turn back to specific version of our project. If we developing project or writing document without anyone this solution may work. But if you are developing a project with a team. This solution does not work for you.

Centralized Version Control Systems:

Git Centralized Version Control Systems

A lot of developers can develop a project at the same time with Centralized Version control system. A centralized Version control system holds all folders and file in a centralized server. If a developer wants to turn the old version of the project they need to pull the old version from a centralized server. So it may use by developer which want to develop project with a team. but there is a problem Do you know what is problem here?

The problem in Centralized version control systems is that if server downs developers can not reach the code written by other developers. so they can not improve the project.

Distributed Version Control Systems:

In Distributed Version Control Systems developers have versions in their computers with that even server is down they can reach old versions of code and other developers branch.

Git Distributed Version Control Systems

Apache SubVersio (SVN) equal to Centralized Version Control System.

I assume you are ready to understand jokes made with Version Control Sytems.

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I try to prepare this blog according to the Git version control document you can check the link in the resources part.



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